Friday, July 31, 2015


First we found out he didn't have a UTI they think the muscle in his bladder has stopped working.  So they put a catheter in. Which means another tube for me to keep clean. He laughingly says a tube to put water in and now one to let the water out.  But of course he has had problems with the tube.  Two days in his urine turned pink.  This meant he had blood in his urine.  So we called our Hospice nurse in and she reassured us that it was ok.  It was a light pink, which is better than red.  She said that it would clear up soon.  The next day it was still pink.  And then today it is still pink!! So of course I am still worried about that. 
     Good news for our week.  Dan got his trilogy.  It is a machine that will move up with us as his breathing gets worse.  Turns out it is really easy to use.  While they were setting the numbers and adjusting it to Dan it seemed to be taking his breath away.  Kind of scared me but as he went to sleep tonight with the same numbers he slept so good.  So don't let it scare you.  I guess in the beginning it feels different to them so it sounds different.  But in the end it is good. 
     I want to put in a if you get a chance to get Hospice, then do it!!! It has been a Godsend.  They handle things you just don't have time for and plus will help you with getting your medicine, calling doctors, turning in and ordering lab test, bringing over medical supplies.  Plus you get a CNA for however many hours you NEED her.  Not want but need.  So right now I just have one for 3 days a week for about an hour.  She comes over and bathes and shaves Dan.  I never minded  the shaving but the bathing was hard work.  Even with the transfer bench.  Which BTW is the best invention! I love our transfer bench!  It saves my back a ton.  She does a great job.  Plus in the end neither I nor Dan will have to be alone.  They volunteer hours to sit with you until your family can get there and then they will stay with you until your loved one is taken away.  It is nice to know I won't have to be alone.  But I probably won't need this part since most of my kids live close but it is nice to know. 

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