Tuesday, July 21, 2015

He has always know how

There are so many things he knows how to do that I have no idea how to do.  Now I am having to figure it out.  He is a natural smart but I am not.  So when our server went down I had no thought what to do next.  It has been down for a couple of weeks now and we have found that 4 months of pictures are now missing.  I am panicking but know that there is nothing I can do.  Because I can't do like he could and just go downstairs type some stuff in and fix it.  So here I sit going thru sites and looking for cloud backups.  I am not even sure what a cloud backup is but I know we need one because I would hate to lose 13 years worth of pictures that we have stored.  One of our daughters came over last night and Dan talked her thru a temp fix.  It took them hours to do what he could have done in minutes.  But we all have more trouble understanding him now and that made it even harder.  So she sat patiently waiting for each letter of each word to come out.  Bless her heart she was so patient.  Occasionally I would hear the frustration in his voice.  I know he just wants to put his hands out there and just get it done.  It must be so hard for him! Some days I think it would be so much easier if it was me.  He was the one who made the living, he is the one who knows how to do things, he could have made the things I needed and honestly if I died I think he could just move on.  He is strong like that.  Me on the other hand fear life without him.  He is all I know! So I am learning.  Today I am learning how to fix my toilet.  I can't wait for him to come in from out of town like I could have a year ago.  Today I will do it myself.  I will learn!

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