Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Second ER visit down

I have never been so scared as I was this afternoon when my husband said "wow" and I looked over and his shirt was covered in blood! The gauze surrounding his peg tube was full of blood and was congealed on top in puddles.  WOW! It was so scary! Since we had just started Hospice today I wasn't sure who to call.  So I called 911 and soon the firemen were at the house and had things in hand.  They were so calm that it helped a ton! They had his information down, had packed the wound, and were ready to help the paramedics when they got there.  They also carried him down the front stairs and out to the ambulance.  It was super fast and seemed easy to them.  They carried him to Shawnee Mission hospital and got him checked out.  They did some labs (everything was good), a CT scan (they told me that he wasn't bleeding internally), then they went to work on my hubby.  They hurt him so bad.  It was crazy! They pulled the tube out to the max and put meds in that were supposed to help him clot,  then compressed it.  He bleed thru the gauze.  Afterwards the doctor gave him a shot to numb it and went to work scrubbing it and cleaning it.  He put more medicine on it (still trying to help it clot), Then pulled it tight, then he loosened it and put some more packing on it and pulled it tight again.  Then they gave him a dose of morphine and sent him home.  They helped us put him in the car and off we went.  When we got home our home teacher was here waiting to help us get him in.  He picked up one side of the wheel chair and my son picked up the other and up the stairs they came.  It was hard work but they got it done.  We have him upstairs in bed now but I am still scared. So off to bed I go!

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