Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Right then left then back to Right

Last week was a tough one.  Dan's right leg doesn't work now and for 2 days his left didn't either.  We were worried that his days of walking were over.  Not that he walks anyway but he shuffles his feet.  Now he drags his right.  This whole time he has been able to stand for a minute or two so I could do the simple things like pull his pants up, wipe his bottom, transfer from toilet to transfer bench.  But for a couple of days that just didn't happen.  It was super hard and I am not used to him not participating at all.  It was Wednesday and Thursday of last week.  It made for a really hard week.  I was supposed to give him a shower on Wednesday morning and As I tried to get him up his legs buckled and down he headed.  We were barely able to keep him off the floor.  Which was super scary since he is on warfarin and was headed toward a book shelf.  He ended up on my brother's lap which was pretty funny after the fact and after the fear was gone! But he lived and we celebrate that fact every day. But yesterday was an awesome day.  He was able to drag his right and with his walker took a couple of steps! It was really exciting! We were able to get him to church! He and I both love being at church! The people in our ward are always so glad to see him and are so kind to us!

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