Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bad news and worse news

We have had a really bad week here.  The doctor told Dan this week that if he had goodbyes to say or business left unfinished he needed to take care of that because he is not guaranteed any tomorrows.  When we asked how Dan was doing he said that Dan was on the fast track downhill.  It was really hard to hear so many truths but we needed to know so that we could prepare for what was to come.  Dan is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning to get his feeding tube installed.  I am actually looking forward to that part because giving him his medicine will be easier without the worry of it choking him.  But I am scared.  The doctor said that there can be a lot of complications since his breathing is becoming so hard.  His numbers had dropped a lot in the past few weeks!  He was at 66% and now he is down to 41%.  That is a huge drop! When the doctor started doing test he found that Dan's left thigh is the only muscle on his limbs that still works.
     What we learned that was useful this week- You can buy a wheel chair or scooter on Craigslist super cheap.  As little as $300 for a good one! Doctor said to check ebay because they have them cheap too! Who knew to check there???
      My good news for the week is my baby daughter gave birth to her first daughter! I am so excited but Dan seems not to be as happy as me.  Part of that I think is that he can't hold the baby without help since his arms don't work anymore.  He always loved to hold and love on kids.  His favorite was always that sweet little cry that a baby has.  He loves to hear that.  When you have just given birth it is the sound that a baby makes that says he is alive and well and he wants everyone to know it.
     Then to top off my week I was rear ended! Like I needed that in my life! The guy hit me so hard that he bounced off me and hit me again! I am so sore!  But that seems to be my life, having sore muscles!  But once again I am just glad to be with my husband in the little time we have left.  Love deeply and be strong.  Have faith in God for He will get me thru this hard time!

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