Saturday, August 29, 2015


We are on vacation.  I didn't know if we could make it but with help from my brother we are in Idaho and spending peaceful time with our son and his family.  It was actually a nice trip.  It took us a lot longer because we stopped to spend the night and stopped every couple of hours for him to have a break.  But it was nice.  It has been good to be here.  Dan has seemed more peaceful and happy.  It has been nice being in a smaller place so I can always hear Dan when he needs me and he loves that.  It has brought him such comfort knowing he is not alone and won't die alone.  He even let me leave his mask on while I wasn't in the room. It was a nice change and I have been able to take longer breaks because he feels secure.  I am thinking about getting a small apartment to live in until our house is finished.  If it brings him peace and makes him happier it is worth it.  We will see how I feel in a week.  If I still feel that way I will get on it as soon as  I can.  Only bad news is an increase in how he is drooling and still having bladder spasms.  But nothing new.  Thank goodness!

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  1. I'll help you look if you decide to do that! Anything to help!