Monday, November 16, 2015

Vacation to Louisiana and Mississippi

We had a wonderful vacation filled with people who loved him enough to come a ways to see him.  He loved being loved so much.  He really basked in the attention.  We saw people who we hadn't seen in forever.  I think that it is a case of they didn't want to wait until it was to late.  Plus, they realized that there might not be a tomorrow that they can see him in so they needed to do it today.  What a great lesson for us all to not put off until tomorrow what we should be doing today.  So if you have a dress you want to wear, a dish you want to try or use or anything else you are putting off. Stop it!! Do it now and enjoy your life!! 
   This week Dan went into the Neurologist for his check up, and found his reflexes are down from 2.8 to 1 something which of course is a concern.  When they tried to take his blood they couldn't get any out of his good arm after a few pokes gave up and went to the bad arm and got it there.  But that was a little concerning too.  His speech is going more everyday but he is learning to smile thru it which is great! I really hate when he is sad! I wish you could have seen his face as his sisters tried to figure out what he was saying and laughing with him.  He was really enjoying it.  Maybe we have reached a plateau there so he won't be so frustrated.  For some reason the last two weeks have seemed a touch easier.  I have found bed baths are hard but if I do it while he is on the toilet it is way easier! So we are adjusting to make things easier and anything that could do that is my friend these days.

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