Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My hospital stay

I learned some interesting things this week.  One that if you are having chest pains you have to go to see the doctor.  Who will put you in the hospital.  Then you will endure a ton of test and come home a day later feeling gross and bruised.  In the meantime Hospice had to come in and take care of Dan.  Things I learned about hospice.  First for a year and a half after your spouses death you can get counseling for free.  Next in case of emergency they will come and do your husband's meds and supposedly anything else you ask for.  But for us they didn't even put his bipap mask on.  So my lesson of the week was you need to  teach everyone you know how to do his medicines, bipap, and anything else that you do.  We do things so without thought but make a list in case someone else has to do it. I had never planned to have chest pains (which turned out to be stress, as if I didn't know that).  I had never planned to not be available to help Dan with whatever he needs. As the lessons we have learned of old- Plan ahead because you don't know what will happen tomorrow.  What if you were hit by a bus walking across a street.  Be prepared!

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